ACCURON® 7200 Cartridge Flow Meter, Permanent: Dual Range

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ACCURON® 7200 Cartridge Flow Meter
Permanent: Dual Range
Pipe Size Range 8 “ to 24”
Hybrid open channel design
304 Stainless Steel Cartridge
Includes Trapezoidal Flume, Level Sensor & Velocity Sensors
with IP66 Backlit LCD Digital display
Accuracy Low Flow +/- 3 to 5% of actual flow
High flow +/- 1-2% of actual flow

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ACCURON® 7200 Cartridge Flow Meter

Pipe Size Range 8 “ to 24”
Hybrid open channel design
304 Stainless Steel Cartridge
Includes Trapezoidal Flume, Level Sensor & Velocity Sensors
with IP66 Backlit LCD Digital display
Accuracy Low Flow +/- 3 to 5% of actual flow
High flow +/- 1-2% of actual flow


Selection of this model guarantees accuracy and cost efficiency by providing the end user with a pre-engineered field ready system designed for "out of the box" installation. A single cartridge, pre-sized for its specific application, arrives at the job site as a fully integrated unit, requiring only 30 minutes for installation. Every component is factory precision aligned, calibrated and programmed in strict accordance to customer supplied operating specifications.

The Series 7200 Cartridge Meter is designed to measure flow in open channels or partially filled conduits. The Cartridge Meter utilizes ultrasonic measurments techniques to determine fluid velocity and fluid depth for calculating volume of flow.

The Series 7200 Cartridge Meters are calibrated at the factory to the application parameters provided by the customer. On-site calibration of the system is usually never required.

By combining proven flume/level sensor technology with chordal transit-time velocity measurements, the Accuron 7200 (pat.pend.) ushers in a new age of highly efficient open channel flowmeters consistently operating in a 1- 5% (actual rate) accuracy range.

The Accuron utilizes a 160 x 128 graphical LED backlit display. The main screen can be programmed to display up to eight lines of meter information such as flow, level, velocity, time, date and relay alarms.The order of display line information is programmed to user preference. The backlit display may be programmed to be ON or OFF, or to remain OFF during a selected time interval. Display contrast is fully adjustable


The Accuron has a built-in datalogger with eight distinct channels for logging flow and totals.The storage capacity for a single channel at 5 minute intervals is 113 days. Logger data may be visually accessed on the display of the meter in pre-programmed time intervals or retrieved through a laptop or optional modem installed within the enclosure of the meter. 

Daily Averages: Daily summary allows viewing of the previous eight days.
This includes times, dates, averages, minimums, maximums and totals. 

Logger Graph: In addition, a bar graph may be visually displayed on the Accuron.
The graph will display the stored logger data in pre-programmed time intervals. 

Data Retrieval: Logger data can be collected by using a lapto

Current Output: Three 4-20 mA. Isolated, 800 ohms maximum. 
Relay Outputs: Three SPDT relays available for alarm conditions. 
Serial Outputs: RS-232/485: With Modbus protocol. 
Data Logging: Eight distinct channels are available. 
Communication Protocols: Modbus® , Profibus® or DeviceNet®



To allow for the monitoring of conditions that change from open channel flow to submerged flow (as experienced in sewers during a storm event or downstream blockage), an optional, maintenance-free, "above the flowstream" independent level sensor can be provided for all Cartridge Meters.

The Accuron SM-15 non-contact Surcharge Monitor provides for continuous measurement of accurate flow data during intermittent periods of surcharged conditions. When utilized in conjunction with the Accuron 7200/7400 Area-Velocity Cartridge Meters, the Surcharge Monitor (an independent ultrasonic level sensor mounted near the highest point of the manhole) will accurately ascertain the sewerage or storm water level that has accumulated above the crown of the incoming pipe. During this event, flow continues to be monitored by the transittime velocity sensors integrated within the Cartridge Meter.

Since the Accuron SM-15 is located above the flowstream and calculates level by non-contact ultrasonic means, the requirement for periodic cleaning of the sensor, as is the case with submerged pressure transducers, becomes a non-issue. Field operating personnel may now monitor flow through both dry and wet weather conditions without the need for repetitive manhole entry.



    ACCURON® 7200 Cartridge Flow Meter

    Pipe Size Range 8 “ to 24”
    Hybrid open channel design



    CARTRIDGE: 304 Stainless Steel.


    ULTRASONIC LEVEL SENSOR: The risk and expense associated with repetitive confined space entry
    due to fouled submerged sensor problems is eliminated by utilizing an “above the flowstream” submersible
    Teflon level sensor.

    TRAPEZOIDAL FLUME: The flat straight through bottom permits the flume to pass debris quite readily
    and reduces the problem of sediment build-up upstream of the flume.

    TRANSIT-TIME VELOCITY SENSORS: Designed to prevent the accumulation of rags, branches and
    similar debris from interfering with the performance of the transducers.



    This model combines two highly accurate and proven technologies within a single-dual range unit. Low flows are consistently measured by an extremely reliable stainless steel trapezoidal flume/Teflon® level sensor combination. Higher flows are accurately ascertained by combining the same Teflon level sensor with a pair of non-fouling transit-time velocity sensors. Transit-time chordal measurement is the most viable technique for predicting average velocity. It provides for detection of chordal velocity across the entire path of the fluid being measured.


    Accuracy ±3-5% (act.rate)
    Turndown: 60:1 During periods
    of minimal flow (Zero to 1/3
    pipe diameter), the Accuron
    measures flow within it’s low
    operating range by utilizing the
    highly efficient combination of
    a trapezoidal flume and ultrasonic
    level sensor.


    Accuracy ±1-2% (act.rate)
    Turndown: 60:1 During periods
    of maximum flow (1/3 to full
    pipe diameter). The Accuron
    measures flow within its high
    operating range by utilizing an
    extremely accurate area-velocity
    system that combines an ultrasonic
    level sensor with a pair of
    transit-time velocity sensors.