BLFT Liquid Flow Turbine Gets Saucy!

Nov 25, 2017

Bell Flow Systems were recently approached by a popular British curry sauce manufacturer to provide accurate and repeatable batch control systems for measuring the water volumes used in their supermarket sauce recipes.

The client’s requirements meant that the system would be used for a variety of different recipes - so the batch controller had to be easy to use and programmable for varying custom volumes of water.



For this application, Bell Flow Systems selected the BLFT stainless steel turbine flow meter, combined with a Fluidwell F130 batch controller. A fast-acting solenoid valve was also incorporated into the process. This ensured that the dispensed water flow could be quickly controlled, providing the highest level of accuracy and performance from the custom batch system.

The F130 LCD display batch controller was connected to the signal output from the BLFT turbine flow meter to provide the operator with a volumetric on-screen countdown of the required batch volume. Internal control relays actuated the solenoid valve once the desired batch volume had been met, utilising automatic over-run compensation to achieve repeatability. 

Initially a single system was provided to the customer. However, after a period of successful performance testing, a further two systems were provided, enabling the operators on adjacent production lines could also automate their batch processes.

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