Remote Water Level Monitoring

The Dipperlog Smart wireless telemetry system is an independent/real-time data transfer system which requires no GSM/GPRS or Wi-Fi coverage. Data from the system is made viewable on any computer, tablet or smartphone. The network design allows users to deploy an unlimited amount of Dipperlog Smart depth & temperature sensors in any location and record the remote data from anywhere. 
DipperLog SMART depth & temperature sensors are able to communicate over a mesh network within a 10km range. These nodes will take turns to exchange data to the network gateway. Once the data has been received from each node, the gateway is able to control the network parameters such as data polling rate and hop counts. Once complete, the data is then sent for remote viewing.
Network communication is bidirectional, allowing users to manage the sensors data, control and activate/deactivate the sensors.
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  • Dipperlog Smart Remote Depth and Temperature Monitoring System
    Dipperlog Smart Remote Depth and Temperature Monitoring System
    SKU: 5501
    Remote monitoring of Water Level and Temperature
    Real time readings and datalogging
    Mesh network within a 10km range
    Data can be collected Android tablet or provided on web app
    Automatic barometric compensation
    No monthly subscriptions
    £1870.80 inc VAT