GSM/GPRS Signal Strength Tester


GSM/GPRS Signal Strength Tester Pocket sized test unit for engineers Site survey & check cell coverage 12 hour battery life

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The BWGPRS023 is an extremely popular GSM/GPRS Signal Strength tester enabling the user to identify, locate and interrogate vital information from all GSM/GPRS cell sites in the test vicinity. Popular as a test tool by engineers and installers looking to get the optimum site for their cellular antennas, it is ideal for surveying a proposed site for a suitable radio signal, with or without a SIM card fitted via its integrated display. Key Features of the tester include Quad Band - Detects all worldwide GSM/GPRS operating frequencies (850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz) Allows detailed interrogation of cellsites detected i.e frequency, operator, cell ID Ready to use out of the box - no additional programming required 1.75inch display for easy viewing of menus and site survey results Works with or without SIM card - with a SIM card it will pick up that network only, without a SIM card it will pick up all networks in the test vicinity Up to 12 hours between charges and auto shut off feature Language options - English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch. Default is English Version 2.6 firmware to allow additional GPRS network connectivity test Meets CE0168 European Radio Communication standards Designed and Manufactured in the U.K The signal strength tester antenna is removable from its SMA bulkhead base. This can allow it to be used to qualify different GSM/GPRS antennas terminated with an SMA male plug. The BWGPRS023 is supplied with a built in battery allowing remote operation for up to 12 hours. It comes with a ruggedised outer case and is supplied complete with direct mounted quad band antenna, UK mains charger and full documentation.