Heron dipper-T Four Function Water Level Meter

Oct 2, 2018

The Heron dipper-T features a premium, polyethylene coated yellow steel tape offering excellent accuracy in measuring depth to water.

The dipper-T water level meter can be conveniently converted to a multi functional instrument, not only able to measure static and falling head levels, but also to determine the length of casing and well depth. The water level sensing probe can be easily removed at the link connection and substituted with either the Well Casing Indicator Probe or Well Depth Indicator Probe. The FOUR FUNCTION capability of the dipper-T water level meter makes this unit an asset to groundwater professionals and rural property owners during the construction of new wells, maintaining wells or decommissioning abandoned wells.

Static mode is used for measuring the depth of water in wells, boreholes and standpipes. DrawDown mode is used for measuring falling water levels during purging, well development and for low flow sampling.

The Well Casing Indicator Probe is used to measure the depth of metal casing in wells and boreholes from two inches in diameter and upward. It works using magnetism; while the probe sits within the magnetic field of the steel casing, an auditory and visual signal is active. When the probe leaves the magnetic field the signal stops. Note the condition of the well for accurate readings.

The Well Depth Indicator Probe (or bottom detector) is used to measure the full depth in wells and boreholes. The Well Depth Indicator Probe uses a pressure sensitive plunger to measure the distance to the bottom of the well. When the Well Depth Indicator Probe reaches the bottom of the well, the plunger enters the probe body closing a switch, initiating an audible and visual signal at the top of the well.

♦ Available in 15 - 300 meter lengths.

♦ High tensile steel tape, jacketed with polyethylene, high break strength, stretch resistant.

♦ Static and DrawDown operating modes.

♦ Well Casing and Well Depth modes (requires purchase of probe accessories).

♦ Field replaceable, fully pressure/depth rated probes.


Further Information here: dipper-T Water Level Meter

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