MCERTS Automatic Waste Water Sampler

Oct 10, 2018

Bell Flow Systems are pleased to introduce the Efconomy MCERTS approved stationary waste water sampler into our Automatic water sampler range.

Efconomy MCERTS Refrigerated Water Sampler

The Efonomy automatic water sampler is a refrigerated unit, designed for sample collection from waste water and industrial applications. With a dual wall thermoplastic enclosure the water sampler is suitable for the harshest of environmental conditions, whilst maintaining a sample temperature with the device of 2 – 5 degc. The unit is offered as standard with the Jazz controller which allows for multiple sampling techniques including time, flow and event based sampling options. Samples are collected using a vacuum pump samplers and distributed into the collections vessel within the samplers. The unit can also be configured with a wide variety of bottle configurations including –

♦ 24 x 1 L

♦ 12 x 2 L

♦ 2 x 25 L

♦ 4 x 15 L

♦ 8 x 5 L

What is MCERTS approval?

MCERTS is an accreditation scheme designed by the Environment Agency. The accreditation was setup to ensure certified equipment complies and meets international performance standards and requirements set in place by the Environment Agency.

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