Water quality measurement using the updated Ponsel Odeon

Jun 20, 2019

When measuring water quality reliability, simplicity and flexibility are key. The Ponsel Odeon meter is now available with up to four input channels and provides these along with more additional features. It is a versatile meter that is easy to use in both laboratory and field conditions, with multiple sensor and parameter options.


One meter with multiple sensor options

The Odeon meter utilises RS-485 communications protocol. This technology means the meter can accept any digital sensors from the Ponsel DIGISENS range and provide instantaneous readings for them all. With the ability to data log this information, the Odeon meter is useful for field studies. The sensor options include pH, ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, TSS and Sludge Level. These probes are all ready to use and come supplied with a factory calibration certificate.  Their calibration history is logged within them, and can be reviewed at any time through the Odeon meter.

Each sensor can be offered in multiple lengths allowing for even more flexibility; 3m, 7m, 15m and any length up to 100m can be customer built for your application. This makes these sensors suitable for when measuring water quality in hard to reach areas such as boreholes or wells.

Odeon Ponsel Digisen meter

Four readings at once

The Odeon meter is available in two different model types; a single channel model called Open One Line and a model called Open X Line. The Open X Line allows for up to two sensors to be connected at one time.

The Open X Line model, when coupled with a Y Cable, can also allow the user to connect up to 4 sensors to a single Odeon device. All of these are powered directly from the Odeon handheld meter, with data logging within them, which can then be downloaded to a PC and exported into programs such as excel for further data analysis. This can save time in the field or the laboratory by using all the probes at the same time, without taking extra equipment.


On-board sensor calibration

All Odeon digital sensors carry their calibration information on their sensor. This means that the sensor can be interchanged between Odeon devices, without the need to worry about recalibration. The sensor will also keep a record of when this calibration was undertaken and the user interface will display when that was.

The practical application of this is that multiple devices can be used to log data using the same probe. If each user had their own Open X or One Line device, but shared the probes, it would ensure all recorded data is accurate.

Odeon Ponsel in the field

Autonomous operation option

While the Odeon has primarily been designed for use as a handheld meter, the device also offers the ability for short term autonomous operation. For example with two sensors connected, reading every one minute the meter can left for up to ten days of data collection in the field. The connectors for the sensors are waterproof using a Clic-LocTM Plug

A special extended battery pack deployment kit allows the meter to be enclosed in a waterproof IP67 case and includes an additional battery. These are both rechargeable and comes with the recharge cable in the kit. This allows for data collection autonomously for up to 1 month.

All the Odeon sensors have multiple cable lengths available which is pragmatic when taking the kit into various environments. For example the kit can be left monitoring a deep borehole with no strain applied to the sensors whilst also remaining secure. The kits are also weighted and come with mounting sleeves which is practical when securing them in place. The robust mounting sleeve also acts as another protection element for the sensors and Odeon device when left for extended periods of time.

Ponsel Odeon Photopod photometer

Photometer option

The Odeon can accept all of the Digisens sensors offered by Ponsel, however it also has the option to accept a device called the Photopod. The Photopod is a microprocessor based photometer with LED technology used specifically for water analysis and cannot be found anywhere else in the market. It offers 50 parameters measured by photometry and 10 by physio-chemical technology. Each parameter has its own reagent or tablet to be added for the defined water quality test to be undertaken. The Photopod microprocessor has an exceptional logger capacity allowing 100,000 measures to be taken. All these features make it practical for both field and lab work. It has the flexibility for measuring parameters that require measurement in the field and those that can be undertaken in the laboratory.

This versatile instrument can be used for a variety of applications and can measure a large number different parameters associated with water quality. For more Information on the Ponsel Odeon meter please contact Bell Environmental via email mail@bellenviro.co.uk or call 01280 817304.