Aqualabo S200 On-line Water Quality Display, now with 4 channels

May 8, 2019

The new S200 on-line digital display & transmitter from Aqualabo now connects upto four PONSEL brand digital sensors to monitor the following water quality parameters:

♦ pH
♦ Redox
♦ Temperature
♦ Dissolved Oxygen (by optical channel)
♦ Conductivity
♦ Salinity
♦ Turbidity (NTU)
♦ Suspended Solids (g/L),
♦ Sludge Blanket (%),

The measured values from these sensors can be displayed on the S200 transmitter with analog and digital outputs available. The device comes as standard with a preconfigured regulatory functions to optimize process control. All data such as calibration, logs, users and measurements are stored directly on the sensor allowing for extremely reliable and traceable measurements.

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