New Telemetry Water Quality Packages Available!

May 9, 2019

We are pleased to introduce our new range of Ponsel water quality telemetry packages. The packages are designed to provide an off the shelf system which will offer remote data collection from a device in the field, direct to your PC. Currently our systems offer measurement of the following parameter –

♦  pH
♦  Turbidity

All our system are self powered directly from the telemetry units, so no additional power is required. All data is provided directly to a PC with no additional software required, simply login to the web portal via an internet browser. Our system design also means that sensor can be easily calibrated in the field using our Odeon handheld meter or USB PC Kit. Simply unplug the sensor, calibrate and reconnect the sensor back to the telemetry device. For more information on our systems and the packages we can offer please feel free to contact our technical sales team –