Heron Dipperlog now PFAS free

Nov 18, 2019

Heron Dipperlog now PFAS free

The Heron Instruments Dipperlog, distributed in the UK by Bell Flow Systems offers a durable and cost effective solution for the measurement of water level and temperature readings. The instruments that Heron produce in Canada have been used globally for level measurement of open water bodies and groundwater well monitoring for over 20 years.

Following the introduction of a new Dipperlog range at the beginning of the year, a recent change in production has allowed the Dipperlog 64, Dipperlog vented and 4-20ma pressure transmitter models to be offered as a PFAS free products.

PFAS (Polyflouroalkyl substances) are used to provide non-stick coatings, liquid repellents or as a fire retardant. These PFAS are known not to break down and have proven to be persistent in the environment and can potential cause problems to human health. Once PFAS enter the ecosystem they become a potential threat to food sources as well as groundwater sources where they can be ingested by livestock and used to irrigate food crops.

For the Manufacture of the Dipperlog 64, Dipperlog Vented and 4-20ma pressure transmitter a special PFAS free zone was designated and all wetted materials now used are PFAS free.

DipperLog Tough Titanium Water Level Logger (0 - 30m)