New Hydroclean anti fouling wiper available for Ponsel turbidity and optical dissolved oxygen sensors

Jun 17, 2019

The new Hydroclean_P is an anti-fouling wiper designed for use with the Ponsel NTU turbidity and OPTOD dissolved oxygen sensor. This provides an automatic cleaning system for the long term deployment of these sensors.

Key Features of the Hydroclean_P include:

  • Ultra-low power consumption for long term deployments
  • A specially designed Brush for deployment in harsh conditions
  • On board self-monitoring for reliable operation. If the wiper arm is knocked in front of the instrument face, the wiper arm automatically moves to one side

Two versions of the Hydroclean_P are available. A battery powered option which is powered by two lithium batteries (offering 4 months life on a 120 minute brush frequency) and an externally powered version which can accept a supply of 5-24vdc offering great flexibility across a variety of applications including wastewater treatment, surface water monitoring, sea water monitoring and fish farming and aquaculture.

Click here for more information on the Hydroclean_P.

Hydroclean_P for turbidity sensor, PonselHydroclean_P for dissolved sensor, Ponsel