Providing a cost effective solution to Remote Water Quality Monitoring

Aug 16, 2019

While many water quality applications in the water and wastewater industry utilise continuous monitoring equipment, a common requirement we have seen is the ability to remotely monitor where power sources may not be available.

These types of applications can include short term monitoring requirements to assess treatment performance or where long term monitoring has previously not been possible. However with recent developments in sensor technology, Bell Environmental is able to provide the solution, offering cost-effective remote water quality monitoring packages.

How does the sensor technology work?

All the sensors offered with our Remote Water Quality Systems (RWQS) utilise digital technology and protocols. The use of these digital protocols means we can collect multiple parameter information back from a single sensor with reduced interference to provide reliable and accurate information.

The digital technology on board the sensor also means calibration data can be stored directly onto the probe. This is beneficial as the sensor can be easily removed and calibrated or verified without the need to remove the data collection hardware. This technology also provides additional benefits. For example, if a sensor was to be vandalised or damaged it could easily be replaced by a new sensor utilising the systems plug and play design.

Power consumption is also reduced, as the on-board digital technology ensure the sensors consumption is kept to a minimum. This is achieved without affecting the quality of your data, ensuring the system can be left for the maximum amount on site.

What Parameters are available?

We offer sensor solutions for monitoring a range of basic water quality parameter including pH, ORP, Conductivity, Salinity, Suspended Solids, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen and Sludge level. All of these sensors can be powered directly from the telemetry system, using the systems’ internal power supply option. External options are also available and include a solar input or external batteries for longer term deployments.

What data collection features does the system offer?

Data from the system is typically provided directly to a secure web based portal where you can review the latest readings in a tabular or graphical form from your PC, tablet or smart phone. Data can also be provided from the system to a FTP server or WITS-DNP3. A dynamic trending option also allows the user to increase or decrease data recording and data transmission intervals based on predefined conditions, for example an increase or decrease in pH or conductivity.

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